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Photo Booth #3 for 2017

One of the nice things about booking your photo booth with Crow Entertainment and our Smile & Click Booths is that you get to try it out before you sign on. For those who have been disappointed because they booked a booth based on a nice photo of a random booth on one of those “coupon” style sites or some other hard to believe ad, customers can rest assured that the booth they try is the one they will have at their event.

Crow Smile & Click Photo Booth

Crow Smile & Click Photo Booth

One couple commented that it was a nice option because it gave them a chance to see how the booth worked ahead of time which made it easy for them to explain it to people as they planned their special event. We are pretty sure we are the only ones who can do this for our customers as it beats the alternative of taking unnecessary risks as a consumer. We simply say, come on in and check it out. Let your personal hands on experience with the booth be your guide.

Smile & Click Props

Smile & Click Props

With so many folks out there who claim to have a “photo booth” it’s important to note that a modern day booth is an enclosed private booth that is able to accommodate multiple people at the same time. The cameras are high definition as well. The more interactive the booth, the better. Crow Entertainment’s Smile & Click Booths are equipped with video, green screen and social media plugins as options. Customers can have confidence in knowing that props are maintained, sanitized and often replaced to keep our collection clean and fresh looking. You never know what we will have to toy around with during your fun photo session. You’re the master of your own silliness.

In terms of budget, consider how much you will invest in party or wedding favors. It is estimated that couples spend an average of $1000-$1500 on wedding favors for their guests. Anyone who has been a guest at a wedding knows that most of those favors are left behind or discarded shortly after the wedding. Most people aren’t going to remember what the favor was. Consider how long a picture lasts. People are more likely to take a photo strip and hang it on their fridge than to try and find a picture to fit a wedding favor photo frame that are sometimes on tables at weddings. What happens to them? You guessed it. The frame ends up in a drawer, a box or thrown away. A photo strip? Not so much. You’ll keep that for a long time and especially with our social media and text message options for photos.

Since everyone at the wedding or special event gets a hard copy photo strip or postcard sized print, nobody is left out. Here’s the best part. The host of that event will receive a link to a private page where they can view, download and share all of the pictures taken that night. It’s all complete with our free digital download option.

The Actual Smile & Click Photo Booth

An Actual Smile & Click Photo Booth

Since getting a photo booth (a good one) is way under the costs of buying multiple favors, the answer is easy — get a booth and make everyone happy. At Crow you have your choice of 3 booths and you can choose whether you want a standard setup (up to 14 people) or the larger open air option with custom backdrop for maximum photo fun.

More Smile & Click Props

More Smile & Click Props

What about signage and custom props? We have that too and no extra cost. Every event we do is custom with special headers for your photo prints displaying your names, graphics, hashtags and more. Custom prop signs for your specific event are free upon request as well. At Crow we have talented people who specialize in design so everything we do is geared toward your vision.

In 2013 when we purchased Smile & Click Photo Booth, we didn’t realize how far we would take it. Now, almost 4 years later, we are the leader in photo booth offerings in Southern Maryland. It’s no surprise because our attendants absolutely love working the booth, helping customers and seeing that each event is a total success. The difference is that we provide fun photo booth attendants rather than the alternative which would yield uneventful mediocrity for your event. Go with Crow Entertainment’s Smile & Click Booth options and you’ll have a great experience with memories you can keep for a lifetime.

We truly hope you get to experience our booths and check out our entire company. Come on in and visit us at a time that’s convenient for you.