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Crow Entertainment - Professional DJ's

STOP! Please read carefully.

3% Charge for all cards (This portal is for DEBIT Cards Only)
Wish to use a credit card? Call 443-968-8975

To avoid this 3% fee, please pay by check, money order or cash.
Send to:
Crow Entertainment, LLC
4210 Jenna Court
Huntingtown, MD 20639

The option on this site is for Debit cards only. Please add 3% to the amount you are paying.
Example: If you’re paying $200, please submit $206 as your payment. The portal will not automatically do it. You have to add it.

Why the Fee?
Across the world, small businesses are paying the benefits to card users and card users don’t know it. Cards that have cash back, point systems and other benefits are paid for by merchants and not the credit card companies. Businesses are charged fee on top of fee to cover the transactions, point systems and other charges. There’s no benefit to merchants for doing this and the charges are beyond the traditional “cost of doing business” mentality merchants deal with. Many businesses are combatting this by imposing a small fee to clients to help offset some of this. The 3% is just a small portion of what we are actually going to pay for your transaction when the card companies bill us. We hope you understand.

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